Territorial marketing

Territorial marketing

Increasing competition among local geographic areas pushes territories and towns to implement territorial marketing policies more and more often to expand their power of attraction, increasing tourist flows and the settlement of new businesses. EFG, with the expertise of town valorization university teachers and public operators, develops innovative territorial marketing strategies for the Public Administrations to valorize the existing excellences, involving all public and private players who help create a local offer.

Particular care is given to the examination of the types of users forming the demand, the territorial components forming the offer, and the players governing the territory. The resulting strategy will enhance the existing infrastructures, the production-economic sectors, the historical-cultural tradition, by preparing an offer that contains a strong added value of emotions and expertise that will be able to involve the consumer too. With EFG, then, the internal and external users’ perception of a region can be either strengthened or repositioned, enhancing its attraction level.

Great events are one of the key tools by which a place can be developed, through the strengthening of its image and identity. They are a territorial marketing key, because of their capacity to attract the public and the subsequent favorable economic and social consequences.

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