Economic development indicators in Sharjah recording impressive growth

Economic development indicators in Sharjah recording impressive growth

Posted on 17 October 2023

Development indicators in the emirate of Sharjah have achieved remarkable growth, as the total business licenses issued and renewed during the year 2022 grew by 5% compared to 2021, to more than 72,242 business licenses, according to the Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD) 2022 Annual Report.

The report recorded a qualitative increase in “commercial, professional and industrial” licenses issued, at rates of 8%, 24%, and 9%, respectively, in 2022 compared to 2021. Also, businesswomen’s licenses in the emirate posted a growth of 15% during 2022. Additionally, the SEDD worked to regulate the conduct of economic activities and sectors by setting policies, standards and regulations in accordance with the current economic situation.
Released on Monday, 16th October, under the slogan “51 Years of Brilliance”, the report included the most important developments and events in the economic sectors and the procedures and efforts taken by the Department in all sectors and activities in order to provide a comprehensive tool for dealers in the economic sectors in Sharjah and introduce them to the most important results achieved by the emirate, as an affirmation of its efforts aimed at achieving balanced and sustainable economic performance, and enhancing business continuity in various fields.
Commenting on that, Hamad Ali Abdullah Al Mahmoud, SEDD Chairman, pointed out that the Department takes steady steps towards its sustainable goals, in which it realizes the size of the challenges, and the level of rapid changes that require the presence of studied methodologies and action plans, and looks forward to the future in economic and development work.

Noura Yousif bin Sandal, Deputy Director of Planning and Economic Studies at SEDD, said that the report displays the most important economic indicators in Sharjah in order to document developments and economic visions for the emirate. This, in turn, makes it easier for the various parties to view the annual report and to devise the prospects and future of economic development in Sharjah, and it documents the economic progress by monitoring and recording all developments and changes that take place annually at the level of various activities and sectors, and reflects the efforts made to improve economic development.

She emphasised that the results of 2022 revealed a positive performance in many economic indicators in Sharjah, and included the majority of sectors, adding the Department developed procedures for 90 services in 2022, and the customer satisfaction rate with technical support reached 99.98%, and the number of infrastructure development projects reached 12 projects, while the rate of closing complaints reached 98.8% in 2022.


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