UAE approves 22 policies to accelerate shift to circular economy

UAE approves 22 policies to accelerate shift to circular economy

Posted on 4 July 2022

UAE Circular Economy Council’s policies will focus on four main sectors of manufacturing, food, infrastructure and transport

The UAE has approved 22 policies to accelerate its shift to a circular economy.

The UAE Circular Economy Council met to approve the policies, which focus on the four main sectors of manufacturing, food, infrastructure and transport.

Mariam bint Mohammed Almheiri, Minister of Climate Change and Environment presided over the meeting which highlighted a number of innovation trends including waste-to-resource, reuse, internet of waste, artificial intelligence, remanufacturing and repair.

The circular economy council also identified a number of activities that open up a wealth of opportunities for businesses, such as upcycling textile waste into new products, developing automated AI-enabled waste management solutions and remanufacturing electronic waste.

Almheiri said: “Our current linear economy consumes valuable materials and resources without being able to benefit from them after use, which represents waste in the modern concept of sustainability.”

She noted that 45 percent of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions result from producing cars, clothes, food and other products used every day.

This demonstrates the great potential of a circular economy, which can complement emission reduction and mitigate the current climate crisis.

She added: “Many key stakeholders in the UAE have already started to embrace circular economy principles.”

Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri, Minister of Economy and Head of the Council’s Circular Economy Policies Committee, highlighted its workshops and meetings, designed to support the implementation of the UAE Circular Economy Policy.

The 22 new policies will contribute to addressing challenges the private sector is facing in its shift to a circular economy and support the country’s green development drive.

He said: “Efforts are also being exerted to establish a circular economy database, in addition to offering incentives to encourage the private sector to shift towards clean production methods, thereby enhancing the UAE’s competitiveness as one of the leading circular economies regionally and globally.”

A Scale360° initiative brings together global partners to scale up the use of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies with the aim of fast-tracking the adoption of the circular economy principles.

The UAE Circular Economy Council comprises 17 representatives of federal and local government entities, private sector businesses and international organisations.


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