‘Made in The Emirates’ seal to be launched later on United Arab Emirates” Operation 300 billion ‘: Dr Sultan Al Jaber

‘Made in The Emirates’ seal to be launched later on United Arab Emirates” Operation 300 billion ‘: Dr Sultan Al Jaber

Posted on 5 May 2022

Dubai: A special ‘Made in The Emirates’ seal is being launched as part of the United Arab Emirates’ highly ambitious’ Operation 300Bn’ industrial sector reform launched last month

“The seal … is one of our most important initiatives that we plan to launch later,” said Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology of the United Arab Emirates, said. ‘It will be a quality brand that supports national products and services.

‘The brand wants to become a symbol for the best in class. The ‘Made in The Emirates’ seal is a representation of pride in the excellent quality products and the world-class industrial base that Emirates has given rise to. ”

Target at 300 The UAE expects its industrial sector to develop from Dh133 billion to Dh300 billion by 2031, through the initiatives that emerged from Operation 300Bn. Up to 13,500 industry-oriented SMEs are covered by the program. “In formulating the strategy, together with the local and international benchmark, we have involved more than 200 private and public enterprises in the United Arab Emirates, held more than 40 workshops and conducted more than ten specialized surveys to ensure our practicality. and is aspiring in our approach, “said Dr. Al Jaber said.

Approval – and hope

With the launch, the seal will be more than a sign for the United Arab Emirates’ full conversion of its industrial sector, which aims to support SMEs just as much as the big industrial enterprises. Market sources reckon that investment zones like Kizad in Abu Dhabi and the Industrial City of Dubai and other free zones will be the immediate beneficiaries of the 300Bn program.

Even before the announcement, the sector, such as agriculture, food processing, downstream activities in petrochemicals and other categories, experienced significant increases in investment flows during 2020. In fact, everything related to agritech has received support from both government entities and private funds.

And in January, Emirates Global Aluminum shipped the first aluminum products manufactured with solar power sources. One of the first customers was a BMW factory in Germany.

More recently, there has been confirmation that COVID-19 vaccines are being manufactured in the country – and this is the biggest leap yet for the growing pharmaceutical base of the UAE. Contract manufacturing of such more important medicines is on the way.

According to Dr Al Jaber, the UAE already has the building blocks in place. The next logical step with Operation 300Bn is to expand it further. Of course, there will also be changes to the regulations.

“Having the right regulatory framework in place is a critical factor in this strategy,” the minister said. A robust regulatory structure is critical and includes updating existing industry-regulated legislation to ensure that matters in the UAE are easier … and faster.

“We develop and apply internationally recognized standards to promote the competitiveness of locally produced products for global export markets.”

Priority pressure

There are 11 sectors that are considered of the utmost importance in the new scheme. These include medical supplies, space technology, sustainable products and renewable energy, chemicals, metals, advanced technology manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and food and beverage. “We are not limiting ourselves and will continue to identify more sectors as we progress,” said Dr. Al Jaber said.

‘We have seen remarkable success stories emerge from the UAE’s industrial ecosystem over the past few years. And we expect the strategy we have put forward to yield much more. The core of our strategy is based on the use of advanced technology, which functions as a critical factor in achieving operational efficiency, increasing the flexibility and agility of production lines, increasing job creation and strengthening the production of every employee. ‘

Dh 30 billion

The funds that Emirates Development Bank will channel to 13,000 plus SMEs as part of Operation 300Bn

Licensing methods

The minister said industrial licenses were still being issued “without disruption”. “We will gradually introduce additional data fields of licensing applications to improve the availability of industrial data in the UAE, which will help our stakeholders to better understand their markets.”

It will be interesting to see if existing industry-oriented enterprises need to make any changes to be part of the 300Bn’s new framework, either on the regulatory side or for licensing purposes.

“Among the recommendations and initiatives set out in the strategy, we have highlighted three specific target industry areas for growth,” said Dr. Al Jaber said. ‘The first is the expansion and expansion of industries where we have competitive advantages.

‘The second consists of strategic industries that will strengthen our resilience and reduce dependence on global supply chains. And the third area focuses on cultivating a culture of innovation in industrial sectors – in sectors powered by 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) technologies.

“Make it in the Emirates is an open call to investors, innovators and developers to set up operations in the United Arab Emirates and take advantage of the attractive fundamentals that make it one of the best places in the world to run a business management.”

SOURCE: gulfnews.com

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