Survey held in more than 160 countries to gauge what mattered most to people. The UAE was ranked among the top 10 countries world-wide in well-being indicators of the 2018 World Poll, which tracks the opinions of people in more than 160 countries on what matters most of them.

Uhoud Khalfan Al Roumi, Minister of State for Happiness and Well-being, said that the UAE’s advanced ranking on the indicators reflects the country’s focus on enhancing well-being in all sectors. Al Roumi praised the efforts of all government, private, community and academic organisations in the UAE as being the driving force behind this achievement, which reflects the vision and directions of the UAE leadership. The UAE ranked first globally on the Availability of Quality Healthcare, moving up a rank. It also came first in four other indicators, namely, Satisfaction with Government Efforts to Preserve the Environment; Full-time Employment Ratio and the Payroll to population Index.

The UAE ranked first in Access to Mobile Phone, as well as Feeling Safe. It came second in two of the global survey’s indicators: Quality of Roads and Highways; and Absence of Health Problems that would prevent individuals from other countries. It came fifth on the belief that children in the country were treated with respect. The country ranked sixth on two other indicators – the feeling that the standard of living is getting better and the access  to the internet indicator. The UAE achieved advanced positions in other well-being indicators.




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